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Passionate about designing and creating beautiful websites and applications

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My name is Nathaniel, which I like to abbreviate as N8 (Nate). I'm originally Dutch, but I lived and travelled in different countries and started my career in Google, Ireland. Throughout the years, I've become passionate about the web and how it works, and so I took courses on Treehouse and Udacity to learn more. In May 2015, I took a step further and enrolled with Thinkful to become a Front End Web Developer. I've completed the first course and while I'm going to tackle the AngularJS next, I built this website to practice my skills and showcase my portfolio (below), which I will continue to work on.
My projects up until now are created using HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Ajax.
I currently reside in London, UK, where I'm working as a network analyst, while I continue studying coding and I've started to look for opportunities to put my self-taught skills into practice. In my free time, I like to keep my self up to date with tech-related news and learning more about Web Development. I also like travelling to see new places (mountains are my sweet spot!), playing console games and dreaming of one day moving to Barcelona with my girlfriend and getting ourselves a pug!

For more information about my studies and work experience, please download my resume here.

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